March 7, 2019

School Fee

School Fee for Academic Year 2019/2020


Level * Inaugural Offer (£) Tuition Fee (£)
Grade 1 7,500 9,500
Grade 2 7,500 9,500
Grade 3 8,500 10,500
Grade 4 8,500 10,500
Grade 5 9,500 11,500
Grade 6 9,500 11,500
Grade 7 10,500 12,500
Grade 8 10,500 12,500
Grade 9 10,500 12,500
Application Fee : £ 50
Enrolment Fee : £ 150
Security Deposit : 50% of the tuition Fee

* The inaugural offer is for the first 100 students and is locked for 3 years.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Application fee is a one-time payment before arrangement of placement test. The Application fee is payable upon submission of Application form.
  2. The Enrolment fee is payable upon acceptance of Letter of Offer.
  3. Both Application and Enrolment fees are non-refundable.
  4. Security deposit is equivalent to 50% of the school fee (1 semester). The amount is to be topped up as school fees increase according to grade level. Security deposit is refundable provided the School receives sufficient notice of withdrawal of the child, which is: ONE FULL academic semester notice in writing must be received in advance by the school before the withdrawal of the child of enrolment, to constitute sufficient notice of withdrawal, failing which the security deposit shall be forfeited in full. Withdrawal notice must be in writing and must be made by way of personal delivery to the school. The withdrawal will only take effect on the date that the same is duly acknowledged as received by the School.
  5. Above fees are subjected to change without prior notice.